September 23, 2007

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Green and Mango

I think we've figured out the wedding colors, mostly different shades of green (think peridote, grossular garnet, prehnite.... light/limey greens for those non-geologists out there) and accented with mango (i.e. light orange). My mom put together a small arrangement of kermit mums and orange roses to get an idea of the colors together. I am hoping to also have spider mums, green hydrangeas, and hypercium berries. The orange accent flower is yet to be decided, maybe mango cala lilies or light orange roses. Any thoughts?

Otherwise, things are coming together for the quickly approaching wedding! We are still trying to figure out the food as well as who is going to perform the ceremony, but most of the other details are covered. We leave for Boston in less than a week to do some scoping work, hang out with John's family, and get some hiking and relaxation time in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Should be a fun trip, I can't wait to try the wedding cake flavors. There will be a full report when we return.

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Anonymous said...

I like the orange roses they bring out a pop of elegance. Very pretty!