September 23, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cake for Later

I was so excited to take home the top layer of our wedding cake! It was different from the two flavors that were served at the wedding. This one is a marble cake with chocolate frosting. Here is it after the plane ride home, I think it held up pretty well (except the vegan "buttercream" roses on top).

So in following with tradition, I decided to freeze half the cake. Not that it's going to make it to our one year anniversary (I was thinking 1,3, and 6 months). I googled instructions on how to freeze wedding cake. First I cut the cake, one 1/4 cake slice and two 1/8 cake slices. Then I put these in the freezer in a tupperware for about four hours to allow the frosting to set.

Then I removed the slices from the freezer and double wrapped them in plastic wrap, put them back in the tupperware, and made some room in the freezer.

I actually just finished the last slice of non-frozen cake last night. It was a bit stale, but the frosting still rocked. Let us know if you want to come by for some wedding cake and we'll get it defrosting for you!

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