September 23, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bridal Shower

My aunt from Temple, Texas hosted a bridal shower for me yesterday at my mom's house in Houston. It was a lovely afternoon of visiting with family and old friends, listening to marriage advice, eating yummy vegan treats, and relaxing before this busy week ahead of me. I was so touched by everyone who came and sent their best wishes to John and I! Here are the beautiful flowers on the table (in our wedding colors of course!).

I was so happy to see that all of the food was vegan! We had two huge trays of spring rolls (half tofu, half portobella) with yummy peanut sauce, an assortment of vegan sushi, fruit kabobs, and vegan cupcakes from the Yellow Rose Bakery here in Houston. All of the food was delicious. Best of all, there were so many leftovers, John and I can have spring rolls to munch on for the next few days. It was so amusing to watch my dad try and show my aunts how to use chopsticks!

Speaking of chopsticks, this was the shower favor, a set of chopsticks inside a sheet of green paper tied with a bow.

Another fun part about the afternoon was that everyone wrote down a piece of advice, one for John and one for me. Some were funny (like being on time...there's a story there) and some were serious (like never go to bed mad), and some were sweet (love each other for who we are). Here they are hanging up on our refrigerator door.

While opening gifts, I was informed that for every bow I broke, that was one baby John and I will have. I was very careful with this one. I took special care not to break any bows.... that is until the last gift from my mom. The smile on her face made it worth it, now I just have to convince John!

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I enjoyed reading your bridal shower story , Thanks !