September 23, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Weather Prediction

Here's what the farmer's almanac has to say about the weather in New England for September 2007:

September 20071st-3rd. Wet weather New England. Farther south, scattered showers, thunderstorms Labor Day holiday. 4th-7th. Fair, pleasant. 8th-11th. Hurricane threat for Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts. Thunderstorms sweep in from west, then clearing. 12th-15th. Fair skies. 16th-19th. Rain, then turning fair, cooler. 20th-23rd. Fair skies persist. 24th-27th. Thunderstorms rumble rapidly across region, then clearing, cooler conditions. 28th-30th. Fair skies, then scattered rain showers.

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Leeny said...

Hi Guys, We got married on September 28 and it was the most beautiful, blue sky, crisp fall day! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you. September is a great month in New England!